Friday, December 31, 2010

New Years

It's a new year, already.  Can't believe how fast 2010 went by us.  I have a bunch of ideas that I can't wait to work on this year.  The first is carving out "studio" space and getting organized.  I brought home most of my supplies from the work studio so I can get some of my personal projects completed.  Somehow I did not realize how much stuff I took to work, and there is still more there.  My little area in the kitchen just does not have the space to store it all.

I am also looking forward to playing in my art journal.  I started painting a few pages and have ideas for the next step.  Glad to have my gel medium at home finally.  Can start adding the next layers to the painted pages and then do some doodling and writing.
Pages #1 and #2

Pages #3 and #4

Pages #5 and #6

Detail of Page #5

I've been doing some sketching for upcoming projects.  Plenty of inspiration from the Cloth Paper Scissors Reader's Challenges lately.  Inspiration struck with the Calendar's theme "on the Street Where You Live".  Totally have an idea inspired by the song from My Fair Lady by the same name.  I won't have time to complete it by the deadline but I am so excited to create my mixed media piece.  Just can't wait to get started.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Art Journal and Silliness

Took the "Inspiration Everywhere" class at Jessica Sprague's site.  Always love her classes. A few of the projects for this class centered around an art journal.  I'm so excited because I actually have an art journal that has a decorated cover, a dedication, a space for my favorite "inspiring" song lyric, a spot to journal about my hands and what I create with them and even a spot (or three) to journal what I find inspiring. I thought I'd wait until January to start working in it but ... I am so excited to dig into some things brewing in my brain. I really want to incorporate some of the cute sledding photos I took on Saturday. Feeling inspired by the snow, colorful coats and laughter.

Sledding on the Big Hill

The kids are getting winter silliness already. They love to play dress up with DD's dance costumes and DH's coats, like most kids would. But since they are confined to the house more than usual at the moment we have had some interesting moments. They have started "talent pageants" - think cross between America's Next Top Model, Miss America Beauty Pageant, and karaoke. This is one of the funniest things to watch, judge or be a part of in our house. The kids come up with categories to dress in, questions to answer, songs to sing or skits to perform. They keep each other and the adults entertained for hours. I love that these kids have creative imaginations.

Talent Pageant

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Sledding, Hot Coco and Candy Canes

I am recovering from our family sledding day at the moment.  Kiddos, DH, my niece, niece's friend, my dad and I all went to the local "big hill" for some snowy fun this afternoon.  Not sure how I could possibly forget how sore, tired and cold we get from walking up and sliding down the snow covered hills.  My 4 year old boy is taking a nap at the moment and so is DH.  After the sledding fun we all came back to our house for hot coco topped with whipped cream, crushed peppermint candies and a candy cane hooked on the rim of the cup.  This is probably why I love winter so much.  Have to download the photos from sledding and the hot coco drinking yet.  They will be added to my December Daily project.  I think I'm also going to create a fun paper bag album.

Going sledding with my niece always reminds me of how we went with my dad the week before I had my daughter.  If I would have known I was pregnant I would not have gone sledding, just crazy.  My niece mentioned it to my daughter and then we had to tell the entire story.  Got out the mini album I created to tell DD's birth story and everyone was reading, laughing and crying.  Can't believe that almost 8 years have gone by since then.  Maybe it's time I tackle the NICU photos that have been sitting in a box for the past 7 plus years.

Monday, December 13, 2010

"Bliss"-ful Mini Album

It is a wonderful winter show outside of my front door today.  Love snow covered trees in the sun.  I'm bummed that my camera batteries, both sets, need to be charged.  So no pictures at the moment.  It is gorgeous but sooooo cold.  We are only at 7F and it is 1pm.  It is not supposed to get much warmer either.  But the kids had fun playing in the snow and so did the dog.  DH had to shovel / snow-blow paths for our old dog in the backyard.

I made this mini album last year around the holidays and I've put it on top of my entertainment center for a touch of sweetness.  I love 7gypsies albums, just so cute.  The envelopes versions are probably my favorite ones because I get such fun ideas.  This album uses mostly Graphic 45 papers, bling and some of my lovely vintage buttons.  I have another mini album I'm planning on making while everyone is on winter break.

Bliss Mini Album

I am looking for a box to put on the coffee table for the large assortment of mini albums I've created.  I have a small one but I've run out of space in it.  The family loves looking through these almost more than the larger scrapbooks.  I'm glad that they like looking at all the stuff I create and even showing it off to their friends.

I am still working on my December Daily project too.  I am liking the tiny pieces of my month on the ATC spinner from 7gypsies.  It is going to work well for this year and even a few years to come.  The kids are really liking it too.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

"Winter" Banner and Rest

I finally gave in a made a banner.  I love the ones I've been seeing in all the magazines and online but didn't know if I would create something that I'd like.  I think it turned out simple and cute.  It is currently hanging on one of my tea stuff shelves.

I had to take a rest from all of my current projects the last few days.  Spent time in the hospital and now a little recoup time.  I thought I was having heart issues, possibly a heart attack so DH took me to the ER.  I spent two days getting tested for everything under the sun and .  At least the stress test showed that my heart is in good shape, good news since my last stress test.  I'll be taking it easy for a few more days, which means no classes.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas Mini Album and December Daily

Mini albums are just such fun.  I made a fun little ornament album for the Christmas Mini Album class I taught last Week.  It turned out cute and I've had a few people that were at other classes ask for kits so they could create it themselves.  So I've been busy cutting, sorting and packaging these hot little numbers for some of my students.  I'm going to add more bling and pretties to the last one I have for a friend to put her upcoming Christmas wedding photos in so that it can hang on the tree year after year.  I think she'll like it.

Christmas Ornament Mini Album
I've also been working on Ali Edwards' December Daily project again this year.  Love documenting all the fun, traditions, activities and such that go along with the month of December.  I usually stop with Christmas Day but this year I am going to do all 31 days of December.  I am using my 7gypsies' ATC rack this year and think that I will be able to include at least 3 years worth of December's.  How fun will it be to take out my spinner filled with December memories year after year to set on a table or the mantle?  The kids are going to love it, me too.  I finally have photos of some of the supplies I'm using this year, digging into my stash - Graphic 45, Basic Grey and other various companies.  I am letting go of the "gotta-hold-onto-it" mentality and just using all the pretty papers.

December Daily Project

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Mini Albums and More

I really love creating mini albums.  I still do 12x12 scrapbook pages but quite a bit of my work has gone to a smaller sized, specific theme or event style.  I'm currently working on the December Daily project that Ali Edwards is doing, and has done for a few years now, on her blog.  I actually do the entire month rather than just through Christmas.  Love capturing the busy, crazy, love-filled, family-filled month to share year after year.

I also created a darling very-mini mini album out of teabag envelopes.  It is a glittery, shimmery, snowy, holiday inspired tiny treasure that has ribbon, vintage buttons, chipboard pieces and some of my favorite Graphic 45 papers.

Hope Mini Album

Close Up of Inside Page

I also have a Christmas Mini Album class to teach tomorrow evening.  I am still putting the finishing touches on it so no photos yet.  All I can say is - layered ornaments.  It is cute and I know the students are going to like it.  I'm glad that I have a large stash of vintage buttons to use because they do add a lovely touch of sparkle and age to the project.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Snowmen and Snowflakes

December 1st has arrived and so has the snow.  We had a few snow flurries in November but nothing that stuck to the ground but this morning is different.  Snow is gathering on cars, grass and trees.  Looks like winter around here now.  Maybe I was creating some snowy items to get the ball rolling because I was working on snowmen and snowflake ornaments.  The snowmen ornaments are hand painted and the snowflake ornaments are baked clay.  They turned out cute and will look perfect on someone's Christmas tree.
Snowman with knit hat.

Snowman with vine wreath

Triple-layer Snowflake

Center-cut Snowflake
I love how the glitter that covers the snowflake ornaments sparkle just like real snow.  It shows really well with twinkling lights.  I'll be listing these ornaments on Etsy this afternoon.  Maybe I'll work on a new mixed-media piece this afternoon too.  I love the snow and am feeling inspired.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Fun Work & Listings

I love teaching.  Today was painted ornaments to a fun group of ladies.  This group always plans a get together that includes some sort of crafting project and today they learned how to paint a snowman ornament.  I had a blast with them - laughing, teaching, learning, creating.  This is why I love teaching craft classes - being creative and teaching others how to add that fun and creativity to their day.  Fun, fun, fun!

I finally got brave and listed three items on Etsy.  Two hand painted ornaments - one with green holiday flowers, berries and pine needles, one with a snowman in a scarf.  I also listed a tall coffee mug with the holiday flowers.  Eventually I plan on listing some of my mixed media items and some of my art kits that I never got a chance to use.  I am excited and hope that it goes well.  We will see.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

More Doodles

My 100 Days of Art is coming to an end.  I've had such fun creating little pieces of art each day.  Okay, not everyday but I make up for it the next day.  I love seeing everyone's art and getting inspired to try new things.  Here are a few of the latest doodles.

My DD loves doodles of girls in pretty dresses so I could create an entire collection of them just for her.  I enjoy creating little doodles of animals for the kids, they especially like cows for some reason.  I've only got a few more days before I'll have 100 in but I am thinking of continuing on so that I'll have an entire year of 3x 5 1/2 tags.  Help keep those creative juices flowing too.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Holiday Painting

I've been having such fun doing the One-Stroke Painted Ornaments lately.  Made a few extras but forgot to take photos before giving them away.  The snowmen turned out very cute.  I made one with a scarf, one with a hat and one with a twig wreath on it's head.  The scarf is easier so I'll be teaching that one for the upcoming class.

Green Flowers, Berries and Pine Needles on clear glass ornament.

Snowman with Scarf on clear glass ornament.

I've also done a few tall off-white ceramic mugs for teacher gifts.  I'm going to fill them with a cute pack of red and green M&M's, and one of those small one-pot bags of gourmet coffee.  I think both of the kids teachers will enjoy them.  I hope at least.  I will be creating a few snowmen ones on pale blue mugs for a craft show.  I've already purchased the cups now I just have to get busy painting.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Busy Bee

I actually feel like I made some progress with all the class samples the last few days.  A cute "Thankful" paperbag mini album.  A set of quick & easy cards for a luncheon project.  A set of three tags for alcohol ink techniques class.  Still have to finish another painted ornament sample and write up notes/slide show for a couple of classes.  That's for Old Town University.

Thankful Paperbag Mini Album

Alcohol Inks Techniques
Luncheon Card #1

Luncheon #2

I've also finished three clay snowflake ornaments that turned out better than I expected.  Need to finish up the paper flower samples yet.  I have two out of five flowers completed, ran out of glue gun sticks.  Do those tomorrow after a trip to store.

Clay Christmas Ornament

Now I've just got to tackle the projects for the holiday show this weekend.  Three more nights to crank more stuff out.  It's going to be a busy weekend.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

New Mixed Media Piece

Just playing with some paper, paints, and odds-n-ends the other day.  I had fun with purples and greens with this one.  Another 5x7 canvas board creation.  I really like this size - easy to work with, small enough not to be overwhelming, large enough to fit some fun stuff on it.

Purple Hydrangea

Used acrylic paints, gel medium, patterned paper, Distress Ink, Magic Mesh, Stickles, antique button, chipboard, fiber and gel pens.  A lovely way to use up smaller pieces of my favorite patterned papers that I just can't bear to throw away.  Still debating whether or not I want to add a poem or a sketch/doodle at this point.  I'll give it a few days and revisit it then decide if it needs something else or if it is complete.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Beach Mixed-Media Piece

It is getting cooler, rainy and really looking like fall.  Just to remind myself how lovely summer is I created this beach inspired piece.  I used papers with blue/teal, brown and yellow.  I then used gel medium to adhere it all to a piece of chipboard.  Washed with with cream and butter acrylic paints.  Then I sanded here and there to let the paper pattern show through.  Then I rubbed in distress ink and twinkling H2O's.  Dressed up the photo mat with some tulle, beads, paper shells, brads and glitter. And the final piece reminds me of time spent at the beach.

Beach Time


Sunday, October 24, 2010

Painted Backgrounds

I have been busy painting backgrounds for wedding invitations lately.  One set was for a casual fall wedding and I painted 4 different paintings.  Love the fall theme and colors.  They turned out well and I will have to get them back to take photos of them, since I forgot to before taking them to show to the bride.

The second set is for a Christmas wedding.  I made two different pointsetta backgrounds, a holly background, a green flower with pine cone background and a pine boughs with pine cones background.  This set I remembered to take photos of before taking to show the bride, which I'll be doing tomorrow morning.  I am hoping that the bride will like one of pointsetta paintings and I'm thinking I'll have to redo the holly painting.

Green Flowers with Pine Cones

Holly Leaves and Berries

Pine Boughs and Pine Cones

Simple Pointsetta

Frilled Pointsetta

My favorites are the Green Flowers and the Simple Pointsettas.  But we'll see what the bride says and how they turn out once scanned in and with the invitation info filling in the center portion.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Doodled People

For the 100 Days Challenge at "Cloth Paper Scissor" message board I've been creating quite a few doodled people recently.  They are fun and cute and remind me of how much I loved them while taking notes in class, long ago.  My kids love them and keep asking me to create stories that include them with my doodles.  So glad that they enjoy my little works of art.  My daughter has started drawing her own doodled people that she likes to add speech bubbles to and create cute stories.  Love that she is being creative and telling her own stories.


Thursday, October 21, 2010

Doodles and other Artsy Stuff

I have been playing with paints, paper and other goodies lately.  I have been inspired by the amazing talent in magazine's like "Somerset Studio" and "Cloth Paper Scissor".  The articles, projects and artists showcased just make me want to dig in and make "art".  I have even been dabbling with my doodled faces because of a fun challenge on the "Cloth Paper Scissor" message board.

I have been making scrapbook layouts and mini albums for years and have been teaching painting for the last year or so and it seemed only natural to start combining my paper and my paint addictions.

I created a cute winter themed mixed-media 5x7 canvas to see how it would work.  I used paper, paint, matte gel medium, ink, stamps, plastic snowflake charms, Glimmer Mist and glitter.  And here is what I managed to create.

The poem is:
Rose infused leaden clouds
Metallic tinge in the air
Crystal flakes shushing down
Winter has come to town.

I found that I like combining some of my favorite things - paper crafting, painting, stamping and poetry writing.  I also made another piece, which I'll share some other time.