Sunday, May 13, 2012

Offline at the Moment

I have been offline for quite a long time. All of my online interactipn has been by phone due to computer issues. I'm hoping to have mthe problem fixed soon. But until then I'll be checking in once in a blue moon.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Inspiration Found

Found the latest edition of the "just" magazines - Just Steampunk - and it is filled with fun, unique stuff.  It has my mind racing about with ideas.  I have a little experience with polymer clay but now I've got an urge to have a play date with it.  I'm also thinking of doing a little more sewing inspired by some steampunk art dolls.  I've got a sewn doll my mom made years (and years) ago that needs an updated wardrobe, what better than some steampunk attire.

I've been spending plenty of time walking out in the woods since September (at least 3 times per week) and have been mesmerized watching the changes that take place in the scenery.  The gradual transition from summer's lushness to fall's brilliance to winter's sparkle has been so inspiring.  The change of leaves, plants, birds, and critters makes the area endlessly interesting.  I've been collecting bits and pieces of this and that to create a shadow box that has been playing out in my mind for quite a while now.  I'm planning on starting that project next week.

Pinterest is still a huge draw for inspiration for me.  There are so many fabulous color inspirations at the moment. My "board" for colors is overflowing with combinations from juicy fruity-ness to dusky darkness. I might just make myself a color combo board to put on the wall of my art area.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Gone So Long

I can't believe it's been two months since I've had a blog post. Where has all that time gone. Guess I got lost among the holidays and the kids being sick. At the moment we are at the three week point of the kiddos recovering from strep, then the flu, then a different virus. While I actually love winter (yes, I really do), this year I am ready for it to be OVER! The weather hasn't even been that bad, mostly mild with minimal snow. Just yucky enough to not be able to be outside. Hopefully we are reaching an end of the crudes around here and we'll all feel much better soon.

Since everyone has been feeling unwell I haven't had much opportunity to get creative or felt much like it either.  My project for the face & broken heart swap at Mixed Media Art is completed and will be mailed out on Friday. I'll be taking photos of the project tomorrow and will post them as soon as I know it has arrived at it's new home. I'm hoping that I'll be able to work up some enthusiasm and creativity by this weekend. I need to get a few projects completed and continue on with a few others. I've got ideas and plenty of inspiration just limited energy to put into anything.

One of my inspirations at the moment is the February paper crafting kit from Jenni Bowlin/JBS Mercantile which arrived at my house this afternoon. I love seeing that box in the mail-lady's hand as she knocks on my door. Even better is opening the box and taking out each item from the packing to ooooh and ahhhh over. Pretty papers and enchanting embellishments. I can see plenty of fun, interesting things I can get creating with this kit.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Art Journaling Rush

I have been on a major art journaling kick lately.  The book "The Art Journaling Workshop" has been a real boost and opening up creative thoughts.  Here are just a few pages that I've been working on.

I love that art journaling has helped me work out some of the things I have had brewing in my mind while letting me play with my art supplies and trying new techniques.  So much fun.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Living Well

I have been thinking about how life is getting more chaotic and filled with "wants" especially since the holiday season has arrived.  I don't think that living well has anything to do with having "stuff".  For me it has more to do with enjoying and being thankful for what you have and who you have to share it with.  I am trying hard to share the concept with the kids.  Maybe TV will become even more limited around here since the "I wants" are triggered off too many commercials at the moment.

Living Well pages from my Art Journal

We had our first snow storm of the season last night.  It was only 4 inches of snow but with the wind it did cause some areas to be without power.  The kids didn't have school either.  So we spent an hour or so shoveling and playing in the mushy mess outside.  Then we came in and enjoyed some hot cocoa with cookies.  After that the kids and I played around with paint, paper and Playdoh.  Love spending the afternoon getting crafty with the kids.

First 2011 Snow Fall

  Kids Art

Hubby has a ton of t-shirts that are too tatty to wear but that I feel bad throwing away.  I keep thinking that I can use them for something more than rags so I have a stash of them waiting to find new uses.  I've finally found something to use at least one for - the lining of an 18" doll's cape.  DD has been bugging me to make this cape in red velour for ages but I didn't have any white fur, or any fur actually, to line it with.  The t-shirt material is so soft and worked perfectly.  I am considering using more of them for DD's cape to match.  I have found that I actually like sewing and have started looking into more patterns.  I've planned a cute t-shirt with frills and leggings for the 18" doll and matching set for DD.  Next I'll tackle some pajama sets.  Rather than buying matching sets for the holidays this year, I'm thinking of sewing them myself.

Red Velour Cape lined with hubby's t-shirt.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

New Project and Art Journaling

After having so much fun with the Tea Box Swap at Mixed Media Art I decided to try my hand at another swap going on.  The art piece needs to include a face and a broken heart, which leaves so much room to play with.  I have some ideas and items chosen to work with already.  I'm excited to get started.

Face & Broken Heart Mixed Media Start

I've been working in my art journal more frequently.  There is so much inspiration out there from Pinterest, blogs and some fun books.  I just finished reading "The Art Journal Workshop" by Traci Bunkers.  Loved it, super inspiring and am now working on some of the exercises.  My "Dream Create Imagine" exercise made me think about what I'm looking to create and why.

Dream, Create, Imagine art journal pages

And since it was Thanksgiving I worked on "Gratitude".  There are so many things that I am grateful for and I realized that most of it is the simple, basic things that are the most important.

Gratitude art journal pages

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Mending, Baking and Recovering

I have the big, heavy, old sewing machine sitting on my kitchen table since I've been putting on Girl Scout patches lately.  This means that I am expected to do "the mending" that has been piling up.  I'm not sure that everyone in the family understands what "mending" is.  Some of the items in my basket will end up as rags because there isn't enough fabric to hold it together.  And I need to get some more knee patches, who knew that DS would put holes in almost every pair of pants he owns.  I might even try my hand at a few 18" doll clothes while the machine is sitting there.

I'm out of pumpkin puree at the moment so baking is back to more standard fare.  Apple crisp, brownies, and cookies.  I need to get more pumpkins so that I can make puree for Pumpkin Crumb Cake, Pumpkin Cheesecake and a few new recipes I've run across while blog hopping or on Pinterest.  The kids are looking forward to "Monster Cookies" made extra large with all the goodies in them.  I'm baking Rumple Doodles today, one of hubby's favorites.  Great with a large cup of tea too.

Rumple Doodles with Tea

The kids, hubby and I are finally recovering from the latest round of yuck going around.  About four days of fever, vomiting, diarehha and general blah feeling for each of us.  Basically a week for all of us to get thru it.  Took my first walk after a week and it felt so good.  Love walking along the nature trail, enjoying all the smells, sights and sounds of the great outdoors.  I'm going for the 2.8 mile walk trail today.  Plus some local shopping for "Shop Local Saturday".  Fun stuff.