Monday, December 20, 2010

Art Journal and Silliness

Took the "Inspiration Everywhere" class at Jessica Sprague's site.  Always love her classes. A few of the projects for this class centered around an art journal.  I'm so excited because I actually have an art journal that has a decorated cover, a dedication, a space for my favorite "inspiring" song lyric, a spot to journal about my hands and what I create with them and even a spot (or three) to journal what I find inspiring. I thought I'd wait until January to start working in it but ... I am so excited to dig into some things brewing in my brain. I really want to incorporate some of the cute sledding photos I took on Saturday. Feeling inspired by the snow, colorful coats and laughter.

Sledding on the Big Hill

The kids are getting winter silliness already. They love to play dress up with DD's dance costumes and DH's coats, like most kids would. But since they are confined to the house more than usual at the moment we have had some interesting moments. They have started "talent pageants" - think cross between America's Next Top Model, Miss America Beauty Pageant, and karaoke. This is one of the funniest things to watch, judge or be a part of in our house. The kids come up with categories to dress in, questions to answer, songs to sing or skits to perform. They keep each other and the adults entertained for hours. I love that these kids have creative imaginations.

Talent Pageant

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