Sunday, October 24, 2010

Painted Backgrounds

I have been busy painting backgrounds for wedding invitations lately.  One set was for a casual fall wedding and I painted 4 different paintings.  Love the fall theme and colors.  They turned out well and I will have to get them back to take photos of them, since I forgot to before taking them to show to the bride.

The second set is for a Christmas wedding.  I made two different pointsetta backgrounds, a holly background, a green flower with pine cone background and a pine boughs with pine cones background.  This set I remembered to take photos of before taking to show the bride, which I'll be doing tomorrow morning.  I am hoping that the bride will like one of pointsetta paintings and I'm thinking I'll have to redo the holly painting.

Green Flowers with Pine Cones

Holly Leaves and Berries

Pine Boughs and Pine Cones

Simple Pointsetta

Frilled Pointsetta

My favorites are the Green Flowers and the Simple Pointsettas.  But we'll see what the bride says and how they turn out once scanned in and with the invitation info filling in the center portion.

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