Friday, December 31, 2010

New Years

It's a new year, already.  Can't believe how fast 2010 went by us.  I have a bunch of ideas that I can't wait to work on this year.  The first is carving out "studio" space and getting organized.  I brought home most of my supplies from the work studio so I can get some of my personal projects completed.  Somehow I did not realize how much stuff I took to work, and there is still more there.  My little area in the kitchen just does not have the space to store it all.

I am also looking forward to playing in my art journal.  I started painting a few pages and have ideas for the next step.  Glad to have my gel medium at home finally.  Can start adding the next layers to the painted pages and then do some doodling and writing.
Pages #1 and #2

Pages #3 and #4

Pages #5 and #6

Detail of Page #5

I've been doing some sketching for upcoming projects.  Plenty of inspiration from the Cloth Paper Scissors Reader's Challenges lately.  Inspiration struck with the Calendar's theme "on the Street Where You Live".  Totally have an idea inspired by the song from My Fair Lady by the same name.  I won't have time to complete it by the deadline but I am so excited to create my mixed media piece.  Just can't wait to get started.

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