Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Beach Mixed-Media Piece

It is getting cooler, rainy and really looking like fall.  Just to remind myself how lovely summer is I created this beach inspired piece.  I used papers with blue/teal, brown and yellow.  I then used gel medium to adhere it all to a piece of chipboard.  Washed with with cream and butter acrylic paints.  Then I sanded here and there to let the paper pattern show through.  Then I rubbed in distress ink and twinkling H2O's.  Dressed up the photo mat with some tulle, beads, paper shells, brads and glitter. And the final piece reminds me of time spent at the beach.

Beach Time


Sunday, October 24, 2010

Painted Backgrounds

I have been busy painting backgrounds for wedding invitations lately.  One set was for a casual fall wedding and I painted 4 different paintings.  Love the fall theme and colors.  They turned out well and I will have to get them back to take photos of them, since I forgot to before taking them to show to the bride.

The second set is for a Christmas wedding.  I made two different pointsetta backgrounds, a holly background, a green flower with pine cone background and a pine boughs with pine cones background.  This set I remembered to take photos of before taking to show the bride, which I'll be doing tomorrow morning.  I am hoping that the bride will like one of pointsetta paintings and I'm thinking I'll have to redo the holly painting.

Green Flowers with Pine Cones

Holly Leaves and Berries

Pine Boughs and Pine Cones

Simple Pointsetta

Frilled Pointsetta

My favorites are the Green Flowers and the Simple Pointsettas.  But we'll see what the bride says and how they turn out once scanned in and with the invitation info filling in the center portion.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Doodled People

For the 100 Days Challenge at "Cloth Paper Scissor" message board I've been creating quite a few doodled people recently.  They are fun and cute and remind me of how much I loved them while taking notes in class, long ago.  My kids love them and keep asking me to create stories that include them with my doodles.  So glad that they enjoy my little works of art.  My daughter has started drawing her own doodled people that she likes to add speech bubbles to and create cute stories.  Love that she is being creative and telling her own stories.


Thursday, October 21, 2010

Doodles and other Artsy Stuff

I have been playing with paints, paper and other goodies lately.  I have been inspired by the amazing talent in magazine's like "Somerset Studio" and "Cloth Paper Scissor".  The articles, projects and artists showcased just make me want to dig in and make "art".  I have even been dabbling with my doodled faces because of a fun challenge on the "Cloth Paper Scissor" message board.

I have been making scrapbook layouts and mini albums for years and have been teaching painting for the last year or so and it seemed only natural to start combining my paper and my paint addictions.

I created a cute winter themed mixed-media 5x7 canvas to see how it would work.  I used paper, paint, matte gel medium, ink, stamps, plastic snowflake charms, Glimmer Mist and glitter.  And here is what I managed to create.

The poem is:
Rose infused leaden clouds
Metallic tinge in the air
Crystal flakes shushing down
Winter has come to town.

I found that I like combining some of my favorite things - paper crafting, painting, stamping and poetry writing.  I also made another piece, which I'll share some other time.