Saturday, December 18, 2010

Sledding, Hot Coco and Candy Canes

I am recovering from our family sledding day at the moment.  Kiddos, DH, my niece, niece's friend, my dad and I all went to the local "big hill" for some snowy fun this afternoon.  Not sure how I could possibly forget how sore, tired and cold we get from walking up and sliding down the snow covered hills.  My 4 year old boy is taking a nap at the moment and so is DH.  After the sledding fun we all came back to our house for hot coco topped with whipped cream, crushed peppermint candies and a candy cane hooked on the rim of the cup.  This is probably why I love winter so much.  Have to download the photos from sledding and the hot coco drinking yet.  They will be added to my December Daily project.  I think I'm also going to create a fun paper bag album.

Going sledding with my niece always reminds me of how we went with my dad the week before I had my daughter.  If I would have known I was pregnant I would not have gone sledding, just crazy.  My niece mentioned it to my daughter and then we had to tell the entire story.  Got out the mini album I created to tell DD's birth story and everyone was reading, laughing and crying.  Can't believe that almost 8 years have gone by since then.  Maybe it's time I tackle the NICU photos that have been sitting in a box for the past 7 plus years.

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