Friday, April 29, 2011

Sunny Day

It was a busy and wet week around here.  We've had rain almost every day this week but a lovely sunshine-y day today.  I've been sorting toys, all the winter stuff, cleaning and trying to keep the kids entertained since they can't go out to play.  There was a bit of bike riding around the block but we all ended up caked in mud.  I did manage to get in a bit of background painting.  I also found some of my crochet hooks and yarn.  I might just play around with a new pattern book of crochet flowers I found the other day.

In Progress Background

The weekend will be busy too.  A new front door to put in, a set of bunk beds to put up, a bathroom tub surround to put in and if I'm lucky I'll manage to prime and paint DS's bedroom too.  I'd like to get most of the work downstairs done this weekend so we can start the upstairs remodel next week.  Should be a long summer of hot, dusty work.  But when we're done DD will have a nice bedroom suite and I'll have a lovely studio.  Fun stuff.

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