Sunday, April 17, 2011

Good Weekend

Spent most of the weekend shopping, which is not my favorite thing.  Kids are growing so fast that it was time to replace most of their wardrobes.  Shoes, socks, undies, tops and bottoms.  Good thing our tax return helped with the shopping spree.  Also had to replace our toaster since the old one finally gave up.  DH is happy that we can make four pieces of toast at a time again.  I'm happy that I can choose how 'toasted' the bread is rather than getting a surprise each time I use it.

I did have one good shopping experience this weekend - craft/art item shopping.  I have an upcoming card class that I needed to purchase some punches and paper to create the samples.  I also picked up some gesso and a set of oil pastels, just because.  I took a little break from all of my projects and now it is time to return in earnest.  I'm excited to getting back to my "On the Street Where You Live" project and start on a "tea time" piece.

Art Journal - Sunrise
Also had a little snow around here this weekend.  Almost white out conditions at one point, yikes!  Thank goodness the snow didn't stick to the ground and the sun came out for just a bit before the day ended.  I'm ready for spring to stay around now.  While I actually don't mind winter I am getting tired of it, especially since it is mid-April.

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