Thursday, March 31, 2011

Almost the Weekend

Tomorrow is Friday, hooray!!  DH has the day off and so do the kids.  I am planning on surprising everyone with a trip to the rollerskating rink  in the afternoon.  They'll love it.  We all enjoy rollerskating and have been bemoaning the fact that we haven't been able to go as a family because of work and class schedules.  Tomorrow is the day.  May even purchase DD her first pair of skates so she'll be all set for the summer.

I haven't been very creative this week.  Most of my time has been consumed with spring cleaning and keeping the kids from destroying the house or each other.  Add in DD's friends that don't get that we have those things called "RULES" at our house and it gets even better.  It feels like this week has sped past and I haven't accomplished a thing and yet it is creeping by with the kids getting bored and cranky.  Yeah for the weekend.

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