Sunday, March 27, 2011

When is Spring?

Snow in mid to late March is not all that unusual around here but ... I was so ready for spring, especially after the little taste of gorgeous weather a week ago.  Last weekend we had wonderfully warm temperatures, the snow had melted and the mud puddles had almost disappeared.  But instead of spring this week we got snow, freezing rain, freezing temperatures, two snow days, cranky kids and a stir crazy mom.  At least the snow stopped, for now, and the sun has been shining.  The temperatures were still cooler than expected this weekend but sunny.

Spring Snow Storm

I got to work on a few layouts after putting the kids to bed on the snow days.  Having a great time combining my older papers and embellishments with my latest kits from Jenni Bowlin.  I've been so busy with creating that I've got to get more adhesive soon.  I've almost gone through all of my tape runners, dot runners and even the reserves.  I may have enough to get the layout I pulled paper for this afternoon completed.  Since I've got to take a trip to restock adhesive I'll just have to look around at paper, embellishments and other fun stuff while I'm there.  Can't pass up the chance right?

Daddy-Daughter Dance Layout
Adore Layout
2 Missing Teeth
My cute "winter" banner came down this past week also.  I created a bright "spring" banner while it was still sunny and spring-like.  I put it up to make the snow, sleet and freezing rain not seem so awful.  It did do some brightening up and the kids thing it is cute so that worked.

Spring Banner
This upcoming week is spring break for the kids.  An entire week with both of them home all day, thank goodness I've got projects planned for us all.  Should be fun - cards, name banners, aprons, painting too.  Plus plenty of spring cleaning and more organizing.  Here's hoping that the weather will get warmer and that we'll be able to spend time playing outside too.

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