Thursday, May 5, 2011

Checking Out Spring

We are finally getting some lovely spring weather for more than a day at a time around here.  The kids are loving it and so am I.  I've spent some time raking up all the twigs that our tree shed during the rain and wind.  I've also rediscovered my rhubarb plants, bursting up and almost ready to start harvesting.  I can't wait to bake some Rhubarb-Raisin Crisp - a tart, sweet, sticky, gooey, touch-of-crunch, crispy-topped treat that the entire family loves.
Ruby Red Elephant Ear Rhubarb
The kids got a kit of those super fuzzy pipe cleaners recently and have been making all kinds of critters.  My favorite is the cute dog DS made.  There has also been a lobster, a whale, a snail, a jellyfish, and a clown fish.  I keep vacuuming the tiny decorative poms up since they end up everywhere.

Ed - the Pipe Cleaner Dog
Another reason I am so happy that spring has finally arrived - fun shoes!  I was getting so tired of my dreary, mud-dodging, sturdy walking shoes.  I broke out the toe-showing, flashy footwear and even bought a new, higher heeled version of my favs today.  DH says they are completely unpractical and my reply was "of course, they're spring shoes."  Shoes are my second weakness, after craft supplies.  I'm still looking for a pair of bright green or red "high-heeled sandals" as DH calls them, just to add a little spice.

Fun Black-Gold and Cork Slip Ons
It seems another thing is starting to blossom again with the spring time weather - my love of calligraphy.  I purchased a book I came across at Barnes & Noble the other day, "The Calligrapher's Bible".  I had to dig out my nibs, inks and inkwell and start practicing my scribbles.  I'm not sure why I put them away because I love how wonderfully the ink flows and how each nib has it's own unique traits. Time to start doodling with pen and ink more often.

Pen and Ink

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