Monday, March 21, 2011

Finishing Up

I have been finishing up the journaling for my i.Scrap album from the Stacy Julian class of the same name over at Big Picture Classes.  This has taken a lot of time, thought and reflection.  The connection between photos, thoughts, feelings and memories is such an amazing tool that we seldom really grasp.  Yes, journaling about the photos and memories is typical, after all that is "scrapbooking".  But to connect a statement with a photo on a purely intuitive level and then explore that connection is beyond where I usually go.  There were many "a-ha" moments while I worked on the various parts of this album.  Every aspect brought something new to light for me.  I loved this class.  I love my album.  I love Stacy and all the other class participant that took this path of discovery with me.

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