Monday, May 16, 2011

Windy, Wet Weekend

We had storms here all weekend.  Tons of wind.  More than enough rain.  Hours and hours without electricity on Saturday and Sunday.  Two coughing, puking, sniffling kids.  Yet, even through all of that we did manage to have a pretty good weekend.  Cuddling two sick kids in a candle lit house during a wind/rain storm was not as bad as it seems.  We told stories, sang, laughed and even danced with glow-in-the-dark bracelets on our wrists and ankles at one point.  DH cooked meals on the patio grill.  He even boiled water and made toast out there when kiddos started to feel sick.  Good thing the patio is covered and sheltered from the wind fairly well.

Glow-in-the-dark Dancing
I have been attempting to work in my art journal at least 10 minutes each day since the beginning of May.  I was keeping up pretty well, until Saturday.  I've added to existing pages, started pages and even done some actual journaling on pages.  Stamping, distress inks, doodles, calligraphy all mixed and matched for fun on a few pages.  I have been practicing my calligraphy more and more recently.  There are some fun and ornate fonts I want to tackle.  It has been fun scribbling, scratching and doodling with my nibs and ink.

Art Journal Pages
The flowers the kids and DH got me for Mother's Day are still looking pretty nice.  Daisies always feel so happy and they bring a smile to my face.  So cute and sweet, a touch of sunshine among the rain clouds.  I love seeing these as I walk into my kitchen, even if it is time to do the dishes.  The simple pleasures really are the best.
Mother's Day Flowers

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