Tuesday, May 10, 2011

On the Menu

It is truly spring - I've made my first batch Rhubarb-Raisin Crisp.  Yummy.  I'll be making Cinnamon-Rhubarb preserves next, great topping on ice cream.  I'm also going to try a recipe for Rhubarb Bread that I found.  We have a ton of rhubarb to harvest this year.  I love picking something growing right in my own garden and baking/cooking with it.  I'm hoping that all the goodies we've planted will give us a good crop for baking, cooking and canning this year.  It has been a wet, cold and late spring around here so we just put in some of our plants and seeds while hoping that we'll get the rest of them in soon.

DD had a tummy ache so we had a "feel better" tea time while she rested in her room.  The tea may not have made her feel better but having a cozy snuggle in bed with a special tea tray made up just for you at least makes you feel pretty special.

Feel Better Tea Tray
 I've also been doing a bit here and there with my "On the Street Where You Live" piece.  It's getting there - the background is almost completed.  I've added a layer of gesso, more paint, stamping and tissue tape.  I can see the finished piece in my head and I'm excited to keep working on it.
On the Street Where You Live - mixed media piece

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