Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I feel like I have been just coasting along lately.  I'm teaching some painting, card making and scrapbooking classes here and there.  I am working on mixed media pieces here and there.  I am playing in my art journal on an almost daily basis.  I create layouts when the mood hits.  But I don't feel any urgency to create at the moment.  I have tons of ideas for projects and things I'd like to create, try and do.  I am constantly scribbling these ideas in my "planner" notebook but don't feel the need to act on any of them.

Almost in Bloom
I have been spending a great deal of time sighing over lovely magazines - from art to cooking to home decor to fashion.  I love looking at all the pretty things and ideas.  But even after looking I just continue to cook, clean, take care of the kids and get creative here and there.  Coasting along, waiting for something.  I'm not sure what it is I'm waiting for but here I am, waiting.

Seems like there is something just out of sight or out of reach.  Something that will make it all "click" and put everything into motion.  Maybe it is the delayed spring we are having around here.  Some time soon everything is going to suddenly be brilliantly in bloom.  Will I bloom at the same time?

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