Monday, May 23, 2011

On the Menu - Baking

Now that our hot and busy weekend is over I spent much of today baking and cooking.  I love baking - cakes, crisps, brownies, all kinds of yummies.  The simple pleasure of measuring, mixing and putting something in the oven is a real treasure for me.  I made a batch of fudge brownies for DD's brownie pot luck, also the kids favorite treat.  I also made extra so we could enjoy them with the fresh strawberries and homemade chocolate syrup.  Yum!

Brownies with Strawberries

I love to use my crockpot, especially when the weather gets warmer.  I made some crockpot pork chops for DH's lunch with leftovers for tomorrow's dinner.  They are delicious, especially with quinoa and a salad.  We are all ready for dinner tomorrow.

Crockpot Pork Chops

Today was my first attempt at Rhubarb Jam.  It actually turned out pretty tasty.  It took longer than I expected for the rhubarb to simmer down to mush but it did turn a lovely ruby red.  I couldn't find any of my diamond "quilted" jelly jars so I had to use a plastic freezer container.  I need to find those jelly jars since I still have at least three more batches of jam/jelly to make.  It is lovely on scones, English muffins and toast.  We're going to try it on ice cream for dessert tomorrow.  Should be delish.

Rhubarb Jam

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