Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Sewing, Sunflowers and Art Kits

I think the warmer part of fall has passed now.  Cold and wet weather is the forecast for the next week or so.  I don't mind the wet and I don't mind the cold but I do mind when they are together.  As long as we get a bit of sunshine here and there it'll be fine.  I need to get my walks in regardless of the weather so I'll be heading to the mall to walk if it gets too bad.

Since I have the big sewing machine out and ready to go I might try my hand at creating doll clothing for DD's American Girl doll.  DD has some cute outfits that might translate well into doll clothes.  I also might make some nightgowns for DD and her doll out of worn king-size flannel sheets.  I might have enough time to start tackling it this weekend.

I unearthed my Painted Sunflower Frame this past weekend.  I love the touches of metallic copper acrylic paint in the leaves in flower centers.  This might work well on a "Welcome" plaque design I have in mind.  Another thing I might tackle this weekend.

Hand-painted Sunflower Frame
Inspiration kits have really been catching my eye and inspiration lately.  I love seeing what can be put together, mixed and matched.  Lots of little pieces, scraps of papers, tags, metal embellishments, doo-dads, and such.  Since I have lots of that type of stuff on hand I decided to put together a few kits for myself.  I usually create kits for projects or pages that I'm working on but not just for inspiration.  It was fun and really interesting to gather things without a real purpose.  I have no idea what to do with this kit yet but another one is already in the works.

Art Kit #1 - all packed up

Art Kit #1 - look at all the goodies

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