Thursday, June 9, 2011

Organizing and Simplifying

I'm in the process of "simplifying" around here.  The kids are done with school and all the papers, art projects, and 'supplies' that came home have taken over several areas at this point.  The craft supplies are continuing to spread in the kitchen and studio area.  The outgrown clothes and out of season clothing is choking our closets.  Time to purge through out the entire house.  I've already started in the kitchen and it feels amazing to let things go and actually have a bit of breathing space.

We've also made some progress in the kids room.  Can't believe how fast these kids are growing this year.  DS is almost out of the spring/summer clothing and we just started the season.  Four large bags of clothing, mostly DD's, were dropped off to Good Will on Tuesday and I still have more clothing to sort through.

Since I'm trying to corral all my crafting stuff into one area I've been coming up with different items to use as storage.  While going through the cupboards I found two cute candle holders that I forgot I had, glass bottoms with metal tops.  The glass bottoms could hold a variety of items but I am choosing to store some of my pretty vintage buttons in them.  A lovely addition on my art table.

I also picked up a set of three nesting mini hat boxes that will be a cute addition to my shelves to store some small items.  I added a ruffled crepe paper, Stickles embellished, button topped flower topper to the smallest box's top.  I'm still not sure what I'll store in them but I have so much stuff I'm sure I can find something.

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