Thursday, June 23, 2011

Busy Bee

It has been busy around here for a bit.  The end of the school year and beginning of summer has been a big change for the kids and I.  And the high heat and humidity that came along with it was too.  We've finally gotten into a semblance of a routine around here at least.  I think that is the hardest part of summer, finding a routine.  The kids keep telling me they are BORED but I find them things to do, like cleaning their rooms.

Part of my summer schedule is enjoying a cup of tea with a good book in the afternoon.  We have made a few trips to the library already to pick out new books for both kids to read.  We usually sit on a blanket in the front yard, drinking iced tea (or Koolaid for the kids) and getting lost in the pages of a good book for an hour or so.  The last few days have been rainy so we've settled for pillows on the floor of the living room with hot tea and scones while we read.  Mini tea parties is what the kids have been calling it.  Love that they are reading and having fun even when they are stuck indoors.

I am a magazine junkie - crafting, art, home decor, gardening, cooking.  I have been known to plan extra time into a trip to the doctors just so I can stop at Barnes and Nobles on the way home.  I did that today and was rewarded with two lovely magazines that just had to come home with me.  Flea Market Style is filled with ideas galore, inspiring photos, websites I can't wait to visit and more.  It makes me anxious to start a few "new" projects with vintage pieces I've got around the house.  I also found a new magazine from the UK - Mollie Makes.  This is a treasure trove of a magazine.  The ideas, photos, projects, basically everything in it has given me a surge of creative energy and too many ideas for projects I want to jump into.  They do have a subscription option for the US, which I am hoping DH will spoil me with seeing that next month is my birthday.  Even if I can't talk DH into a subscription I will be picking up the next issue.

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