Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Living Well

I have been thinking about how life is getting more chaotic and filled with "wants" especially since the holiday season has arrived.  I don't think that living well has anything to do with having "stuff".  For me it has more to do with enjoying and being thankful for what you have and who you have to share it with.  I am trying hard to share the concept with the kids.  Maybe TV will become even more limited around here since the "I wants" are triggered off too many commercials at the moment.

Living Well pages from my Art Journal

We had our first snow storm of the season last night.  It was only 4 inches of snow but with the wind it did cause some areas to be without power.  The kids didn't have school either.  So we spent an hour or so shoveling and playing in the mushy mess outside.  Then we came in and enjoyed some hot cocoa with cookies.  After that the kids and I played around with paint, paper and Playdoh.  Love spending the afternoon getting crafty with the kids.

First 2011 Snow Fall

  Kids Art

Hubby has a ton of t-shirts that are too tatty to wear but that I feel bad throwing away.  I keep thinking that I can use them for something more than rags so I have a stash of them waiting to find new uses.  I've finally found something to use at least one for - the lining of an 18" doll's cape.  DD has been bugging me to make this cape in red velour for ages but I didn't have any white fur, or any fur actually, to line it with.  The t-shirt material is so soft and worked perfectly.  I am considering using more of them for DD's cape to match.  I have found that I actually like sewing and have started looking into more patterns.  I've planned a cute t-shirt with frills and leggings for the 18" doll and matching set for DD.  Next I'll tackle some pajama sets.  Rather than buying matching sets for the holidays this year, I'm thinking of sewing them myself.

Red Velour Cape lined with hubby's t-shirt.

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