Monday, August 29, 2011

Nature, Kids and Birthdays

I have greatly enjoyed spending all the time we have in the great outdoors this summer.  I have some lovely photos along with wonderful memories and stories.  It is thrilling to have shared some of my precious memories with my own kids and have them creating similar ones themselves.  Hiking, camping, fishing, biking, just sitting in the dappled sunshine next to the river while listening to nature all around are fond memories from my childhood.  I am glad that my kids are excited to spend time outdoors playing and exploring, something we have in common.

DS celebrated his birthday recently with a car themed cake and party items.  Even some of the presents were car themed, or actually cars.  He loves his Hot Wheels cars and the Cars movies.  DS loved having the cute squish mini Cars characters on his cake, which he got to clean off and play with also.  Super cute.

Part of DS's birthday celebration was a trip to the new water pad play area at our local state park.  The kids loved it and had a blast getting wet.  The entire family splashed and played even though I wished the weather could have been a bit warmer.  Mid-seventies are fine but the cool breeze did make for a few shivers.  DH and I thought it was exciting to see the state park so busy.  Tons of people using the water play area, lots of cook-outs, kids using the the playground too.  It is certainly promising to see all the people visiting the area just for the first phase of the water park.  Should be even better when it is finished next year.

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