Thursday, January 13, 2011

Studio Space and Journaling

I'm excited to be planning an actual "studio" area to work in at home.  We are planning on making some updates to the kitchen which means that my current work space there will no longer be available.  Instead I'm going to have a small space in the living room.  There is an area that is over run with all the extra toys and books that don't fit into the built-in bookcases and toy drawers.  My dad is giving me his wooden topped, tons of storage, custom-made work table that he used for work before he retired.  I'll be able to stand at it or use a stool.  I think this area will be much more useful when organized since most of my supplies will be close at hand.  A built-in bookcase, a large wall-mounted "writing" desk, a filing cabinet and wire cubes will finish off the little corner to house supplies.  It will be nice to actually use the space for something more than a toy collection area.

I've also made more progress on a few pages in my art journal.  I finally tried adhering a cut-out from a magazine.  I usually prefer heavier paper but this worked out well.  I used matte gel medium and had to remember to smooth the paper out with my fingers.  The cut out was to bright so I watered down some acrylic paint that blended with my background as used that as a wash once the medium was dry.  Did some scribbling in pencil and still need to go over it with ink but it is looking pretty good to me.

Art Journal Page #6 - Stage 2

Art Journal Page #6 - Detail

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