Sunday, January 9, 2011

Art Journal and Painting

I have actually managed to (almost) consistently work on my art journal since the start of the year.  Trying some fun things with paint and pens in it.  I've got a list of things I'm looking forward to trying.  I even managed to create a decent face.

New Year's journal entry

Beginning of Face

Face in progress

I've also been working on a project with roses painted on textured patterned paper.  The roses turned out well and I can't wait to start assembling the rest of the piece.  I actually liked the roses so well on the one piece of paper that I had to create something similar for another project, though I don't know what that project will be.  I have a small notebook that is filling up with ideas for projects I want to work on, someday.

Roses and Daisies on 'burlap' paper

Detail A

Roses and flowers on textured paper

Detail B

I finally have some cute journaling spots for a set of layouts I would like to finish.  Painted roses on circles, very cute.  I also made some journaling spots with winter green flowers and snowmen faces.  These will come in handy for holiday and snow layouts I'll work on this spring.  I might make some fancier ones with multiple layers of paper but these are cute and simple.

Roses journaling spots

Detail C

Winter Flower and Snowmen journaling spots
Detail D

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